I didn’t really know Tatum.  Mummy met him, and remembers him looking like Oscar, but then she says that she looks at pictures of Willow and Mr Smallweed and wonders whether she’s mixed them up.  She met Tatum before she met Oscar and Midge, and it was only after those two came to live here that she realised she’d met their sire.  Yes, Tatum was Oscar and Midge’s father!!

It was a real shame that he caught a virus last winter and died.  Auntie Vikki was very upset.  Hugs and snuggles to Auntie Vikki. ❤ ❤


Earlier this month Mummy met Oscar and Midge’s mother, or dam.  Her name is Belle and she looks very like Oscar except she’s brown where he’s grey.  But her face has the look of Midge about it.  She’s very pretty, Mummy says.

Mummy has put Tatum in her next book, the Chronicles of Willoughby the Narrator.  I think she’s working on some complicated relationship in there.

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    A very handsome pig! I’m looking forward to meeting him in Will’s book. I’m sorry that he passed away, but he left us with some gorgeous sons.

    On this T day, I’d just like to remind you that one of Mariusz’s primary nicknames (he had many), was “T,” short for Teabag. We was … um … well endowed.

    We usually called him “T,” “Bag,” or “Baggie,” unless he was in trouble, at which time we’d use his proper name. Not that it made any difference, of course — he was always unrepentant.

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