Kevin interviews Auntie Dawn (part 2)

Auntie Dawn told me such lovely stories about her pigs last month that I saved some for this month. If you missed that you can read it here. So, Auntie Dawn: What favourite memories do you have of your guinea pigs? There are so many! I’ll confine myself to talking about how we got each …

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Willoughby was an agouti and white smooth haired boar who lived in an apartment in New York.  And he was a ninja. He lived with Uncle Wayne and Auntie Dawn, and with Saku, and then with Atticus.  Dawn called him the Loaf pig.  I don't know why, except he used to make himself comfortable on Uncle …

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Uncle Willoughby

We're all really upset and sending love to Auntie Dawn, Uncle Wayne, Atticus, Peepers and Tweek, because of the sudden passing of our friend Willoughby. Mummy is extra upset because she was working on his story all morning. We'll all really miss him.  We'll be in mourning for him for the next seven weeks.