Uncles are very important in a guinea pig’s life.  I expect lady pigs need aunties, but boars need uncles.  It’s so that we don’t go and make babies by mistake, so I’m told.

Vic and the babies

Anyway, when I was very young (3 weeks) I left my birth mother (dam) and came to live with an older pig so that he could teach me how to be a proper guinea pig.  That was Victor.  He knew all about being an Uncle because he had an uncle when he was 3 weeks as well.  Some people say we don’t need uncles until we’re six weeks, but all the wise guinea pig owners know that we can make babies when we’re four weeks if there’s the right lady pig around.  But we shouldn’t live on our own until we’re at least six weeks, sometimes even eight weeks (Auntie Doris says it should be judged on weight, not age).

So Dougall and I came to live with Victor because he was ready to be an uncle to us, and Mummy wanted us to stay forever anyway, so it all worked well.  Then we met Humphrey as well, and he was a pretty good uncle too.  When Victor moved out of our cage he went to live with Humphrey and we messed about with both of them whenever we had floor time or grass time.

They were great uncles and I miss them.  I miss teasing Humphrey and making him think I’m going to jump on him.  I miss snuggling up to Victor and grooming his eye when it was weepy.  I’m glad they are both out of pain and safe over the Rainbow Bridge, but I still miss them.

Dougall’s getting in some practice at being an uncle with Oscar and Midge, but I don’t want to be an uncle.  I want to be in charge.  Oscar doesn’t seem to realise that yet.  And tomorrow is V and that’s for Victor.

5 thoughts on “Uncles

  1. Jemima Pett

    Clever boy! I wondered how you were going to do U. And that’s a lovely way of explaining about them too. ❤


  2. Auntie Dawn

    I miss them too, Dyl, very much. They were the best Uncles a young boar could ask for. I have a feeling that I’m going to get weepy reading tomorrow’s V post.


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