Seven weeks went by

Seven weeks went by and we changed from end of summer to deep dark, damp winter.  That’s what it seems like anyway.  It’s a long time since Humphrey left us and Midge and Oscar came.

It’s an even longer time since Fred left the house, and Dougall and I weren’t even alive then.  Yesterday was his Thinking day and Mummy thought about him a lot.  She talked to me about him during our morning cuddle too.  She said only Hector remembers Fred, George, and Hugo now, and I should learn all I can from him so I can pass on their wisdom to the next generation.

I expect she’s right, but I’d rather pass on my wisdom.  Maybe I picked it up from Victor, though, so I’ll be okay.

Midge is still very feisty, and he bosses Oscar about a lot, although he’s not as bad as he was.  Maybe I should have been a little more careful with them the time we were together in the kitchen.  But he was very boisterous and aggressive and bossy.  And I’m the boss around here.  I still see them every morning, though – they’re in the run and I run around the kitchen.  Mummy’s starting showing me how to jump up the step into the kitchen from the corridor by the stairs.  It’s quite fun!

Maybe she’s going to let me be a house pig?

It’s our birthday next week.  I hope we have birthday cake 🙂

One thought on “Seven weeks went by

  1. Auntie Dawn

    “But he was very boisterous and aggressive and bossy.”

    Not like anyone I know. Nope. Not a one.

    I got to meet Fred during my first visit. A picture of him in my arms is the November photo in the calendar your mummy made. It’s right above my bed, and I say hello to Freddie all the time. (I never said I was completely sane.) I tell Willoughby and Atticus all about him. A more polite, reserved, intelligent, and distinguished pig you will never find. ❤

    You as a house pig? I dunno. You know I love you, Dyl, but that might be more than Mummy can handle.


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