We’re still in mourning

We have an offical mourning period of seven weeks (seven is a special guinea pig number) so we are still in mourning until 17th July, according to Mummy.

We been out in the garden, working hard, for a lot of days recently.  Yesterday it was hot, so we didn’t go out until late in the afternoon when the shade was already on our runs.  I was glad of that.  We had our hair cut by Auntie Dawn, but not really short like Mummy does it if I let her.  She has to catch me and hold me down and still use two hands to cut my hair, so she doesnt do it often.  She says if this weather is going to continue we’d prefer to have short hair.  I expect she’s right but I still don’t like it.

We had some more visitors last weekend, and they said hello to us very nicely.  We liked them.  They took Mummy out all day on her birthday though, so we couldn’t have a party for her this year.  We sang wheeky wheekday to her, though.  I’m sure she liked it.

Colman is still having his neck cleaned and creamed, and is looking a bit skinny to my eye, but he says he’s feeling much better.  He’s going to let Kevin still do the Facebook page, though.  What’s a Facebook page?  I thought I was the Internet guru now?

There’s a pigture of Hector up on the wall here.  He’s this month’s Calendar Boar.  He’s been very good recently.  I bet it doesn’t last.

2 thoughts on “We’re still in mourning

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mummy knows best. I would have cut your hair short if she’d asked me to, but I’m used to leaving hair long. Your Uncle Saku—a sheltie, like Humph—was an indoor pig, and thus always in the air conditioning. It’s hotter here in Noo Yawk than in England, generally, and we need the AC.

    The one time I did try a short ‘do on Saku, I made a mess of it. Sigh.


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