Loads of Leaves!

Even though we haven’t been out in the garden much this week, Mummy’s been bringing in loads of leaves for our breakfast.

Colman is modelling today’s breakfast in the photo.  You can see lettuce , chard (he’s got a bigger leaf than we got), fennel, mini-carrot, frilly lettuce, celery, kale and maybe even a strawberry leaf.  It’s all from the garden and it’s all yummy.

Yesterday we had some apple twigs with leaves on them because Mummy said the tree needs training.  We often get strawberry or raspberry leaves.  We might get different herbs, too – there’s three types of mint, oregano and two types of marjoram.  Sometimes she lets us have a bit of lavender too, MMMMMM.

Sometimes Humphrey doesn’t eat all of his leaves and Mummy gives us to them when she cleans out his cage.  I don’t mind day old leaves, not really.

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