That was exciting!

Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne have just left us.  It was so exciting while they were here.  We were just getting used to them and now they’ve gone 😦

Yesterday we cuddled with them and I was ever so good.  Colman didn’t cuddle because his neck is still all swollen from his operation but Auntie took pictures of him, both on Mummy’s lap and in the garden.  The day before they helped Mummy bath Kevin, and we had special Auntie Dawn haircuts.  I look gorgeous now.  Well, even more gorgeous.

We’ve had lots of days in the garden, except when the grown-ups went to see Auntie Doris, Uncle Bob, Auntie Meggiepiggy and Auntie Julie.  They took two days to do that.  We sent Jasper and Manfred our love.

I’m sorry it took so long to get used to having Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne around.  We were rather shy of them.  Maybe next time we’ll get to know them quicker.

Mummy says they have just about got on their plane to fly away, and when they get to their home they’ll send the pictures they took.  I’ll let you see them then.  Something to look forward to.  That’s exciting!!

3 thoughts on “That was exciting!

  1. It was lovely to meet Aunty Dawn and Uncle Wayne, and to see your Mummy again Dylan. Aunty Meggiepiggy and Uncle Mr M, gave me a lift when I got off the bus, or I wouldn’t have been able to get there. It was very kind of them, and it was very kind of your Mummy to bring Aunty Dawn and Uncle Wayne all this way. We had a lovely day. 🙂


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  3. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks, Dyl. I had such fun with you boys and Mummy. I miss all of you already. You weren’t as shy as your brother and the others, probably because you’re large and in charge, eh?

    I loved seeing Aunties Doris, Julie, Meggie, and Kate, and Uncles Bob, Mr M, and Mark. Everyone made us feel very welcome!

    I’ll post the pics soon. I have to upload them from my camera and process them for the web, so it’ll take a little time. Bear with me, D.



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