Now we are six

It’s been five days since Victor went to the Rainbow Bridge.  It’s very quiet in the morning without him.  I miss checking up on him and hugging him, and grooming his face to make sure he was ok.

I tried to continue these tasks with Humphrey but he just wants to be left alone, preferably in the hay box.  I suppose that’s fair enough. We watched from next door, but he had to sit with Uncle Vic for quite a while before Mummy came home and took charge (as usual).  She showed us his body when she took him out of the cage, just in case we needed to say goodbye close-up, but we didn’t, really.

She went outside at sunset and when she came back she told us she’d buried him next to Hugo, and she’d be putting some spring flowers on top of them both, to mark the place they were.  It’s a bit late for spring flowers.  I wonder if she means they will flower next spring?  That’s a long way in the future.  Dougall and I will be three by then.

We’ve just been mooching about as usual.  The morning cleaning and cuddles don’t take so long, since Vic had all these meds to take then got a very long cuddle.  Mummy said she had to make the most of their time together.  I think she’s a wise Mummy.  I’ll take notice when she starts to take a very long time with me, though!

It kept trying to rain today so we couldn’t go out.  Then it rained and made everything too wet to go out on the grass in the evening sunshine.  It’s not fair!  Although Mummy did bring some grass in for us just before it rained hard.

It’s funny just being six of us now.  I expect I’ll get used to it.

Colman’s not well, though.  He has an abscess on his neck.  He has to have meds, but not as many as Vic had.  I hope he gets better soon.

I wish we could go out and eat grass.  All six of us in one run would be fun – but I don’t think Mummy will let it happen. 😦


2 thoughts on “Now we are six

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I remember that spot. It’s lovely. I will pay my respects to Hugo and Victor when I visit next week.

    Don’t talk silliness, Dyl. You’re just a young scamp yet. XOXO. Be good for Mummy — at least, goodish. She needs some cheering up.


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