Hotter than July

I don’t think it could be any hotter this July. We’ve been staying in our cages during the day, apart from our early morning run, of course.  Then we’ve been going out in the garden at about five in the evening till just before dark.  That’s good because we can stay in the shadow of the wall where there has been a little grass and nice cool shade.  We’ve moved around a bit of course, to try and give everyone a chance of some half-decent grass.  But it hasn’t been good grass.  There hasn’t been any rain.  Most of the grass is brown and crispy, like hay.

Mummy wasn’t well at the beginning of the month, so for a couple of days we just stayed indoors.  She usually gave us our morning cuddle though.  Then Hector got a big abscess on his chin and Mummy gave him meds because she wasnt able to drive him to the vet.  He eventually went in for surgery a few days later, and a week after that he was better.  Mummy was better when she took him in for surgery, but the vet said she looked better when she checked Hector the other day.  He’s off his meds now and so is Mummy.

It’s still jolly hot though.  Mummy said it would rain and there might be thunderstorms yesterday, but it didn’t happen.  We’d all like it to rain so the grass can grow.

My teeth are better though.  The bottom one has grown up level again.

One thought on “Hotter than July

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’m glad Mummy, Hector, and your teeth are better. You guys aren’t used to the heat. We had it really bad last week: 100F/38C.

    Stay cool, Gorgeous. XOXO


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