We’re looking after Mummy

Mummy says I’ve been very good so I can come back again.  I confess I got a bit confused at the beginning of July and didn’t realise it was her hand coming towards me.  Sorry Mummy.  And I confess I knew perfectly well I wasn’t supposed to climb out of my run and go and push my way into Hector’s run and have a fight with him.  Or push into Colman’s run, but he was more gentleman-like than Hector.

Hector and I just don’t get on.  It’s as simple as that.  I don’t know why, except he seems to disagree that I’m in charge.  He thinks he’s in charge.  I keep telling him he’s not, but Mummy says the only thing to do is make sure we are in charge of different places at different times.  He’s not been well, though.  And he wasn’t well when Mummy wasn’t well so she couldn’t take him to the vet until she was well enough.  She gave Hec his medicinces anyway, even without going to the vet.  He’s more or less better now.

Mummy is more or less better now too.  Except she’s now hurt her arm.  So we can’t go out in the garden in our run.  Except we can’t go out anyway as it’s either too hot or too wet.  Today it was all flashing and banging, almost as noisy as the RAF planes.  They weren’t out there today even though it’s Friday.  They are really really noisy.

We’re all looking afdter Mummy.  I think she appreciates it.

One thought on “We’re looking after Mummy

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Now, now, Dyl. Neither of you is in charge. Mummy’s in charge, and after her comes Uncle Victor. Obey them at all times.

    I was so sad to hear that Mummy hurt her arm. Be a little patient, D. She’ll be better soon and she’ll be able to take you all out into the garden.

    I’m glad to see you back on the blog, Muffin. Looking forward to more updates.



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