The Carrot Monster

I’ve been having funny feelings in my front teeth recently, but they looked okay.  I just didn’t want to eat carrots.  They were mostly hard and I was hoping for some crisp, fresh ones. Then Mummy got some crisp ones in a plastic bag instead of a paper one, and they smelled nice and I could chew some more bits off them. Then my front tooth disappeared!

That felt very odd and I didn’t try the carrots for a few days.  Then on Thursday Mummy brought in some lovely hairy ones that smelled delicious and, sure enough, I found I could eat them again.  So I ate mine, then I ate Humphrey’s and Mummy saw I’d eaten them so she gave me another from Dylan’s cage because he hadn’t touched his.  That was a little overgenerous of her, and I nibbled it politely but saved it till the next day.  Yesterday Mummy only had older carrots so I didn’t bother with those.

Then when I yawned this morning when she was giving me my meds she wondered where my teeth were.  She had a quick look and thought my top teeth were too long, so she wrapped me up like she used to do George for a good loook.  I didn’t like the idea of that because George had a lot of trouble with his teeth and I didn’t want to have lots of trouble with mine.  But eventually I let her wrap me up because she said she just wanted a look.  Of course she didn’t just want a look, she wanted to trim my top teeth because they had got fangs coming down from the side where they weren’t meeting a bottom tooth.  So I got out of the towel when I saw the trimmers coming, but she only talked to me patiently and told me she was just trimming the corners off, and there was nothing to worry about.  So I let her wrap me up again and she snipped my teeth straight, and then she let me out, but held me so she could use a wooden thing on them too.  She said the wooden thing was a file, it had special diamonds on it to smooth the edges of my teeth where she’d cut them.  They felt nice after that.

So, it seems like she’s going to wait and see how long it takes my bottom tooth to grow back, and I’ll need to have my top teeth trimmed until it does.  She said Hec’s teeth grew back fine, so I shouldn’t have any problems.  And I can have nice fresh hairy carrots now without any bits getting stuck up between my top teeth.

She’s a clever Mummy.  And I’m a carrot monster again!

One thought on “The Carrot Monster

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Hooray, Victor! You be the carrot monster for as long as you like, ok, sweetheart?

    “Of course she didn’t just want a look, she wanted to trim my top teeth….”

    Of course. Mummy’s always fussing, isn’t she? I think she can be trusted in general, but keep an eye on her just in case, and report on anything that seems odd.

    Actually, I wish I had her skill — and her tools — for trimming teeth. Your Uncle W and I had to bring Saku in to the vet’s for a tooth trimming, because we don’t know what we’re doing with pig teeth. Sigh. But we don’t have access to that special rodent training that Mummy has done.

    Love you, muffin. Big smooches!


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