At last – some sunshine and grass, but not for Hector

It’s been lovely the past couple of days.  We went out on the grass all afternoon today, but Hector stayed indoors.  I saw him this morning during floor time and found out what he’d been doing, hidden away in his house. 

He had an operation on Thursday and has a scar on his neck.  His teeth also got trimmed and he says his mouth feels funny and his neck feels funny and his tummy feels funny.  But Mummy is looking after him and giving him lots of different things in the medical bay.  And lots of cuddles.  And lots of nice leaves now he’s eating some of them.  Mummy said she was pleased with him tonight as he’s put on a little weight since yesterday.

The rest of us went in the garden and had a lovely time.  Dylan wasn’t too annoying and Colman and Kevin could both chat to us, and alogether we had a nice time.

One thought on “At last – some sunshine and grass, but not for Hector

  1. Auntie Dawn

    We’ve had some weird weather: lots of cold, rainy days, interspersed with a few baking hot ones. Not a proper spring at all. Pffft.

    I’m glad Hec is on the mend. Tell Mummy to keep up the good work.

    Love you, Vic. XO


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