Fred and George’s birthday

We still celebrate Fred and George’s birthday here.  We don’t do much, we just celebrate their lives and their inspiration.  Mummy is giving away her new book The Talent Seekers as a present from Fred and George today.  You can read about that here.

I’m going to celebrate in my own special way.  A little eating, a little partying, a little sleeping, all that sort of thing.  You might think that’s a normal day, but I know it’s different.  Mummy and I will have a special cuddle, thinking of the Two That Started It All, and I’ll tell the others stories about them when we have our quiet time.  I may even sit on the fiddlesticks to do it.  Or in my tunnel.

I was having a look back in these pages and found an early post George did on their birthday.

Read the books – that’s the best way to celebrate their lives.  They were the best.

One thought on “Fred and George’s birthday

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the reminder, Vic. I’m a little absentminded about dates.

    When I saw the notification for this post in my inbox this morning, I got misty eyed. Your old Auntie is silly sometimes. When I talk to Mariusz and Saku at night (crazy much?), I remind them to tell F&G (and Hugo) that I love them.

    I’ll bet that Hugo, Mariusz, and Saku are throwing F&G a huge party, with lots of veg and maybe a little cake.

    Give Mummy extra cuddles today, Sweetheart. Love you!


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