It’s a bit cold for May

It’s been a funny week.  Some days it’s been nice enough for us to go out.  One day Mummy stood by us while it sort of spattered with rain, then stopped, and she was clever enough to bring us in just in time before it started raining properly an hour later.  Every day she’s brought us in some grass though, so we haven’t gone hungry.

I must say I find it gets rather cold at times, both during the day and at night.  I can go and sit in my nice snuggle-tunnel of course, but I think Mummy realises as she brings me in from the garden first, and one morning when we were cuddling she wrapped me up in the towel to keep me warm.  The others seem fine, although they say it is quite cool, but they’re not cold.  Mummy still has her winter covers on though.

Mummy was sad on Tuesday and she told me why.  She woke up remembering that George left us on a Tuesday two years ago.  The actual date is today, but it was a Tuesday, and Mummy felt it most then.  She seems all right today.  It’s funny to think that none of the piggies around now really remembers George.  Colman says he remembers Vlad talking about him, but the others have all gone now.  Saku and I used to have long-distance chats and I know he told Willoughby, but if Will doesn’t think something’s worth remembering, he doesn’t.  He has other things to do.

Mummy has got a fire in her main room again this evening.  Sometimes we have the radiators warm in the morning, as she says it’s silly to be so much colder than in winter.  I’m glad she says that.  I just feel the cold these days.  But I’m ok, really.  I wish the sun would shine some more.  It was quite nice a couple of weeks ago.  The grass is good now, though.  Oh, and Mummy changed our bedding so we’re on fleece.  That’s nice and soft on my feet.  I rather like it, although it’s a bit damp at present as it isn’t letting our wee through properly.  I expect it will in time.  I’ve got my vet bed and my snuggle-tunnel to sit on so I don’t feel damp.

I don’t think there’s any news.  We know Saku is with George and Fred and Hugo and Mariusz now.  I bet they’re having fun.  We would be having fun if only Dylan stopped being a pest.  He’s an aggravating boy.  Kids!

2 thoughts on “It’s a bit cold for May

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Don’t you worry, Vic. I always talk about George, Fred, and Hugo, so Willoughby knows all about them. And of course, he gets Messages from Mariusz — I’m not allowed to know much about those.

    When I say goodnight to Mariusz and Saku, I tell them to give my regards to FG&H. I don’t mind telling you this because you’re already aware of the fact that your Auntie is off her rocker.

    The weather has been inconsistent here too, but generally too cold for May. Pfft. Today was warm and sunny, though, so your Uncle W and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Mummy knows all about the garden. Tell her that I’ll upload some new photos, eventually.

    I love your updates, Cutie. Keep them coming!



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