If April’s here can Spring be far behind?

I hope it’s not far away, Spring.  I want to get out in the garden again and eat yummy grass. I’m fed up with this boring veg Mummy gives us, although of course it’s better than not having any at all. 

Everyone’s feeling the same, even Kevin, although he eats everything he’s given, including our left-overs.  Dylan’s getting very fussy.  Humphrey gets cross with him and tells him he should think himself lucky that he was never abandoned to starve.  Of course this only makes Dylan worse.  Sigh.  That boy.

We confused some people on the Facebook page the other day so Mummy put up lots of pictures of George for them to see.  I liked looking at them too.  I used to live next door to Fred and George of course.  When Hugo and George were alive.  Then after Hugo died I moved in with Fred to keep him company.  Then Fred died too, which was a bit of a shock, as we got on well enough, and he wasnt ill.  Mummy had a shock too.  I cuddle her to make sure she’s getting over it.  I like cuddling Mummy.

Then Dylan and Dougall arrived.  Such sweet little baby boys.  Little did we know how enormous and how cheeky they’d grow!  They’re good boys on the whole, just full of themselves.

We’re all a bit full of ourselves wanting to get out in the garden and run around some.  Mummy’s still trying to work out how to put out runs for four boys who get on together and three who won’t run with each other.  I tell her that’s only four runs, which is what she was doing last year (three pairs and a single) but she’s still thinking about it.  Maybe Colman, Kevin and Hector will decide to get on with each other once they’ve got grass to keep them happy.  Hector needs the exercise – he’s getting fat and lazy.  Mummy’s noticed though, he’s getting extra floor time.  But unless I stay out with him he doesn’t run about much when he’s all alone.  If he got on better with everyone he wouldnt be alone would he?  Silly Hector.

I did the April A to Z Challenge last year.  I’m not doing it this year, but Mummy is – on the Jemima Pett blog.  I might go and visit Rob Bear though, and see how he is.  I hope he’s out of hibernation now.

We Want Spring!  When do we want it? NOW!

One thought on “If April’s here can Spring be far behind?

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Me too! I’m tired of this endless winter weather. We had some spring weather in NY over the past few days, but now we’re back to the cold.

    So much drama with these young boars. Sigh. What to do with them? I’m glad that you’re there as the wise elder boar to help Mummy sort things out.


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