Spring then snow again

Last week we went out in the garden to do some lawn-mowing for the first time since last summer. It was cool on the feet but warm in the air, although Mummy put lots of our tunnels and hidey-holes around so we could sit inside them if we wanted. Sometimes we did, sometimes we didn’t.

Then this week it turned all white again! It was all white on Sunday and Monday, then yesterday and today it’s been sunny and snowy; five minutes sun then it’s been snowy again. It’s like April showers but whiter. The grass is green again though, with white spots.

We’ve stayed in the nice warm cage indoors.  Except when we have our cuddles with Mummy and our run in the kitchen, of course.  We’ve been watchign Mummy’s horse programme in the morning every day this week.  That’s usually on Saturdays but this week is special because it’s Cheltenham.  Once there was a special champion horse that wore Hugo’s colours, but he didnt race for a while, then he raced this year but has got a cold or something so he’s not racing this week.

I wish the snow would go away so we could eat all the grass outside.  I’m fed up with the same old veg inside.

Me and Dylan mowing
Me and Dylan mowing
Dougall mowing
Dougall mowing
Humphrey mowing
Humphrey mowing
Dougall choosing his next tunnel
Dougall choosing his next tunnel

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