I’m feeling fine now!

Thank you all for your enquiries and smooches.  I’ve been back to the vet and Dr Sally has been drawing on my tummy with her pen. She and Mummy were looking at the television and talking about my insides.  It’s all very odd.

In case you missed the excitement, yesterday during floor time I suddenly felt very strange, and had a big painful wee which came out all red with blood.  Then I had a couple more, which were a bit painful and the tip of my willy was sore.  Jolly sore!  Anyway, Mummy saw the blood and picked me up and examined me and took me to the vet, Dr Sally.  And they got me to show them my willy and they commented that it looked bruised and sore and swollen.  Well, it sure was and I’ll thank you not to make me show it in public when it hurts!

They still weren’t sure what had happened so today Mummy took me in to see Dr Sally again.  I’d had an uncomfortable night, despite the painkillers, but it didnt hurt as much when I wee’d.   I thought I was better, really.  Anyway, when I got to the vets we went into a small dark room. Mummy held me on my back while a nurse shaved my tummy and put sticky stuff on me.  Then Dr Sally held this pen thing on my tummy and moved it around.  I heard her say that my bladder was fairly full (yes, I wanted to go again!) but it didn’t look too gravelly, just about normal.  Then she found my kidney and said I had a cyst on it, but it shouldn’t be causing the bleeding.  Then she got Mummy to lie me along her arm so I had a side upwards for Dr Sally to look at me in that direction.  That felt awkward to start, but as Mummy had her hand over my head, I discovered it was quite comfortable when I couldn’t see anything, so I relaxed and enjoyed the massage.

Then she put me back in the box to rest and I half listened to them talking about me for hours.  The upshot of it all was that I passed a bladder stone that tore my skin; there doesnt seem to be any other stone there; the cyst on my kidney might affect it but shouldnt have anything to do with the blood, and there’s probably nothing worth doing with the cyst unless I have a problem with the other kidney.  Well, I hope I don’t.

CIMG7471 CIMG7472

Now I’m home and having some well-deserved grub.  And Mummy took a picture of my shaved tummy and me sloping off afterwards to find some food.  And I’m allowed to drink as much as I like!

6 thoughts on “I’m feeling fine now!

  1. Poor Victor, I bet that was painful! 😦 I hope you are feeling much better now that it is gone. Tell Mummy that you need a bit of spoiling to make you feel better! 😉 xx


  2. Auntie Dawn

    “I half listened to them talking about me for hours.”

    Really, Vic? Are you sure it was hours? Could you be exaggerating a bit??

    Great news! I’m sorry that you had to go through that pain, but the nasty stone is gone now. I hope that the cyst doesn’t cause any trouble.

    Last night I told Mariusz to watch over you today. He must have been doing his job. (Yes, your Auntie is crazy, but you already knew that.)


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