Will Mummy ever finish my story?

You may know that Mummy writes proper stories about us that are made into books. There’s the Trilogy of the Princelings of the East, both on ebook and in paperback, and then Hugo’s story The Traveler in Black and White which is an eBook.  I’m in all of them of course, as Victor the barkeeper in the first one (I have a special chapter of my own when I rescue my dad) and in the second I also have a special chapter of my own (when I fight the pirates at Castle Wash).  In the third I don’t have a chapter but I turn up every now and then because I’m helping George with his strawberry juice product launch. Then in Hugo’s I’m at the inn as a very young person and I’m cuter than ever.

When she’d finished those,  Mummy started writing my story, called Victor’s Story, which she still hasn’t finished.  You can see how far she got with it if you look at the heading ‘Books’.

Well, I’m beginning to think she’ll never finish it.  She’s written some short stories and some blog posts about lots of other characters including Dylan and Dougall.  She did a whole book starring Humphrey in the summer, and now she’s preparing to publish it.  I’m not in that, and neither are Fred, George or Hugo.  Colman and Kevin are in it, but not Hector.  She’s done a bit of a book which Hector is in, a prologue for a book where he causes trouble at Castle Marsh. And no progress on Victor’s story.  I don’t know what to think. I’m a very patient person, but I do wish she’d get a move on.  I want to know how it’ll finish.  I expect you do too!

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2 thoughts on “Will Mummy ever finish my story?

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mariusz would be angry if I didn’t say that he was my official Favorite Character(TM). However, he doesn’t have to know that I’d be hard pressed to choose between him and you. Mummy captured your personality perfectly. “Cuter than ever”? Hmm, perhaps, but comparing your level of cuteness from book to book is virtually impossible: you’re heart-meltingly adorable in all of then!

    I know, Mummy’s a little slow on this story, but try to be patient. Sometimes a writer has to put aside a project for a bit while the ideas percolate. The results are often improved this way. I’m certain that your story will be as great as you deserve it to be.

    Now if you see her slacking off, you have my permission to wheek angrily at her.

    Love you, Sweetpea.


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