On the Spot

I hope you like the title.  It’s a pun.  You can be on the spot if you are in the right place at the right time, and you can be on the spot if you are put in an awkward situation and everyone expects you to answer, or take over or do something.  I’m just going to tell you about my spot!

It’s a lump.  It’s been growing on my hip.  It’s been sort of irritating but not too sore.  Mummy took me to the vet once or twice just to check it was ok.  The first time Dr Faye put a needle in it and I said “ow ow ow” but they all cuddled me and told me how good I was.  Of course I know that.  Anyhow.  The spot started leaking the other day and Mummy has been helping it leak.  And that hurts.  And leaks out this thick white cheesy stuff, a bit like nappy rash creme.  You didn’t need to know that, did you.  It doesn’t smell much.  Mummy first wipes my spot with a damp cottonwool pad to clear off the scab from the previous time.  Then she gently squeezes it.  I know she means to be gentle but it jolly well hurts.  I move around when I’ve had enough and she cleans it up and lets me rest.  Then she goes back for more.  When she decides I’ve done enough she puts some browny-yellow stuff called iodine.  Then she gives me my meds and tells me how good I am, and gives me cucumber and a cuddle.  She washes her hands a lot when she’s doing this too.  I thought you should know that.

I hope it goes soon.  I’m a bit fed up with all this squeezing.

2 thoughts on “On the Spot

  1. Poor Victor, that doesn’t sound like much fun. 😦 My dear old Daph had a nasty lump, but I didn’t squeeze it, because it just cracked and bled. It didn’t seem to bother him, so the vet said leave it alone. I hope your lump gets better soon. xxxx


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Aww. I’m sorry that you have to endure this, Vic. You know that Mummy does it to help it heal.

    Saku has a lump — the one the surgeon didn’t remove. It’s stayed under the skin, so we’re not too worried about it.

    Did you know that your Auntie had a lump? I won’t go into the icky details, but I had to go to a doctor 3 times for it. It was on my back. I think it’s finally gone, and the scar is fading. I’ll bet you’re much braver than I was.

    Love the pun, Angel.


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