White snow and the seven Grumps

I see Dylan has forgotten to blog again.  He is such a dizzy Dylan.  He likes doing the Facebook page but he gets bored with more arduous tasks.  Not that it isn’t enjoyable, blogging.  I like it.  I snooze in my snuggle tunnel imagining things to write.  I’ve been doing a lot of snoozing in my snuggletunnel because it’s been cold outside, and the ground is covered with white snow.  It’s been two weeks now, and everyone is a bit grumpy.  Mummy isn’t really grumpy but she got upset about something yesterday and was searching everywhere for it.  She even checked under our hay and in the bag of waste bedding.  She found it in the car.  She said it must have dropped there when she put Humphrey in the car to go to the vet.

Oh yes, Humphrey has been King of the Grumps.  He’s been so tetchy and argumentative that Mummy was worried something was wrong with him.  He’d lost weight too.  The vet couldn’t find anything, but Humph”s sharing some of my medicine for a bit to see if it helps.  He did seem better just for the ride to the vets and the extra attention.

Colman and Kevin had to be separated in their upstairs run before Christmas, and Colman has been grumpy when he’s in the smaller section.  He pulled the barrier between them apart on Wednesday when Mummy was out, and she got a surprise to see him in Kevin’s side when she came home.  She had to go out again so she left them to it.  Yesterday she arranged it so the run was back to how it should be.  Apparently they kept bickering so Mummy washed their grease glands, and that settled them down a bit.

Dylan’s not been that grumpy except when Mummy comes down in the morning before he’s ready to have his cuddle.  He’s funny when he doesn’t want to be picked up because he sort of shakes his hair and stamps his foot.  Mummy is very patient with him and waits till he moves over to the corner where he likes to be picked up from.  Sometimes she picks up Dougall first instead.  Dougall isn’t grumpy.  He’s very jumpy.  I don’t think he hears us properly and he certainly doesn’t notice Mummy coming into the room.  He suddenly sees movement and runs and hides when Mummy comes closer.  Mummy thinks he’s deaf.  She cut his fringe so he can see behind him better in case that helps.

Hector’s his normal grumpy self, and we get on well enough when we’re out for floor time.  He reminds me more and more of Hugo, but without Hugo’s cuddly qualities.  Maybe he’s channelling Mariusz.  I only get grumpy when Mummy goes out into the garden and comes back without anything for us.  She tells us there’s nothing there, it’s all covered in snow.  It doesn’t make it any better though.  She usually gives us a handful of dry grass if I whistle at her loudly enough.  She’s a good mummy.

One thought on “White snow and the seven Grumps

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the update, Vic. I’m glad that everyone’s doing well, grumpiness and bickering aside. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hec is channeling Mariusz — or more accurately, if Mariusz is working through Hec. That’s something M would do. Sigh. He wasn’t much of a cuddler but he did love his Momma. I miss that ornery boar.

    It’s been very cold here, and we got a little snow, but it didn’t accumulate as it did where you are.

    Encourage Dyl to blog more, and post more yourself. I love hearing from you boys!!



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