At Last!!

Yay! I’m Piggy of the Month at last!  Last month it was Dougall and this month it’s me and it’s our first birthday on November 27th!

We came to Mummy’s house on 17th December when we were three weeks old, to live with Uncle Victor.  I like Uncle Victor.  I say hello to him very warmly every morning when he joins me on the floor for our run.  He’s very patient with me, although sometimes he’s feeling a bit sore and he ticks me off.  I know he doesn’t mean it much so I go off and bother Uncle Humphrey instead.  I like floor time.

Mummy took our fleecy tunnel out of our cage the other week.  She put another stiff tunnel in.  It’s easier to run through.  I like watching Uncle Vic lying in his soft fleecy tunnel though.  I can’t do that.  The tunnel all rucks up round my coat.  Mummy just says we’re both too big for it.  I know it’s the fleece that catches on our hair.

I wonder if we’ll get a new tunnel of some sort as a birthday present?  If you see Mummy, please would you mention it to her?

One thought on “At Last!!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I mentioned it to Mummy, sweetie. I think she’ll get you a nice tunnel. She’s usually good at selecting gifts.

    Spend as much time as you can with Uncle Vic, and learn from him. He’s very gentle and wise, much like Uncle Saku.

    Love you, muffin.


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