Not fair!

Mummy’s been saying all week that she’d sort out the upstairs run so we could go back up there for the days in winter.  I was looking forward to it.  It’s got ramp tunnels and a loft area and Dougall and I used to have great fun running around in it.  We did sort of collapse the ramps just before we started going outside for the summer, and Mummy did warn me that if we didn’t fit in the tunnels we wouldn’t go up there.  But she never tested it on us!

It’s all Colman and Kevin’s fault.

Everything was sort of normal until she cleaned out C&K’s cage this morning.  That was delayed anyway because she’s had a lot of phone calls this morning and lots of chats with her neighbours standing on the doorstep. So ‘normal’ wasn’t normal for mummy, only for us.  And it wasn’t normal for us because Mummy hadn’t brought us our breakfast, although she had picked us some grass.

Anyway, when she cleaned out C&K’s cage she found a spot of blood on something.  So she picked each of them up and inspected them, and found they each had a cut lip!  She cleaned them up but she knew they’d been fighting again.  She came and looked at us for a while.  I think she was Thinking.  Vic told me after that she was probably thinking which of us could move in with Colman, or Kevin, so she could split them up.  Well, I wouldnt want to move in with either of them.  I like living with Dougall.  He’s my brother and he understands me.  Vic says he’s had enough of changing partners in the last year even though Humphrey’s a bit grumpy at present (it’s because he needs a bath).  And Hec… well, he might like to get up close and personal with everyone, but he doesn’t want to live with anyone.

Anyway, Mummy found a solution like she always does.  She cleaned C&K’s grease glands (and Colman bit her again when she did his) and gave us all our breakfast while she cooked her lunch (at 3 pm), and then she disappeared for a bit.  Then she took Colman upstairs, and then Kevin, and then extra food and hay and their breakfast.  So they’ve moved upstairs into our run!  Vic says it’s Fred & George’s run, but I reckon if they make up and are friends again it’ll be renamed Colman & Kevin’s run.

I wonder if they are going to stay up there all night too?