Too busy to blog

That’s Mummy.  She’s been too busy to let me blog so it’s not my fault I haven’t kept you up to date.  Although I have been using our Facebook page which is very easy to use.  Mummy has been writing stories again.  And sending them out into the world for everyone to read.  So I haven’t been able to get on the computer much.  I’d better give you an update on what’s been happening here.

Dougall and I had a bath.  We were very well behaved and I only shook the water off my coat and all over Mummy once.  She trimmed my coat too.  I stood still to let her, well, every now and then.

Uncle Humphrey needs a bath and a haircut too.  I think he and Uncle Victor will have one this weekend.  Victor is very well but he says he had the last of his medicine today and doesn’t know whether Mummy’s ordered more for him.  It must be horrid to have to take medicine every day but he says it’s all right once you get used to it.  And he feels better for it.  I know he runs around more than he used to now.  Which is good.

Colman and Kevin didn’t have cuddles and a run this morning because Mummy was late for her golf.  She told them they’d have cuddles and run this evening.  I don’t think Colman will be pleased as he likes his routine just so.  We’ll see them when they come for their run in the kitchen.

Hector is very well but I still don’t get on with him.  Mummy picks Humphrey and me up when Hector goes down for his run.  Dougall and Victor chat to him ok, but he makes me angry.  Mummy says he is very fit and looks very much like Uncle Hugo did when he was in charge.

Mummy is ok now but she’s been making strange noises called coughing and sneezing and sometimes she coughs really loudly for ages.  I get a bit frightened when she does that.  It looks like it hurts her too.  She hasn’t done that for a couple of days though, so I think she’s getting better.  One day she put smelly stuff on our noses because she heard that pigs can catch human colds after all, even though it was said that it didn’t happen.  She decided to give us some smelly stuff for our lungs just in case. She just dabbed it on our noses.  She had it under her nose and on her chest to help her breathe.  I hope we don’t have to have it again as I don’t like it.

I don’t like a lot of the vegetables she’s been giving us for breakfast either.  We got bored with the huge piles of bean leaves she was giving us, and now I’d like some again she doesn’t give them to us!  She gives us celeriac, which is ok once in a while I suppose, tomatoes which are YUK! but Colman and Kevin and Hector like them.  Vic says they’re ok every once in a while.  Then she tried us with chard which was blah! and we had spinach and rocket today which were interesting.  She gave us mint which is really strong and everyone else adores it, especially Uncle Vic.  He can have mine, I say.  Well, Mummy did take mine and give it to him, so that’s all right.  I can’t remember the other nasty veggies we had.  They don’t seem to be coming from the garden any more though.  I miss garden veggies, even the beans and chard now.  Oh we had some nice dry grass a couple of times.  I’d like that again.  It makes me thirsty, though.

I think that’s everything that’s happened, except that Mummy published more stories.  She says she’s going to read them to us one day.  I’m looking forward to that.  She says she’s doing a special Christmas Story this year starring Princelings Dylan and Dougall!!  That’s ME (and Dougall).




One thought on “Too busy to blog

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the update, Muffin. It’s very important to Mummy to get her stories out there, so be patient if she’s hogging the computer a bit. Have you read them? They’re fabulous, especially the ones about Uncle Mariusz.

    You remind me of your Uncle M more and more each day, though he liked veggies more than you do. Have you been channeling him? Maybe Uncle Willoughby (another student of M) is guiding you in the Ways of Mariusz.

    Mummy will be fine. Sometimes these nasty coughs last a while. Give her lots of snuggles, ok?

    Love you!


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