Sad news from Dimerie

Mummy told us today that Lady Snailspace had died.  I never met her but Mummy did, and Colman and Kevin too, and I know Fred and George both worked very hard at making her better last time she was ill.

She used to read Mummy’s stories about us. She told Mummy to publish them and eventually Mummy looked into it, and then she did.  Lady Snailspace wrote a very funny book called The Pharaoh Letters (by Sue Booth and Terri Gillett) and Mummy read some of it to me when I was ill once.  It was funny.

Lady Snailspace had an illness called cancer and it had gone before Mummy met her, then it came back.  Mummy understood that the worst times were in the small hours of the night when it’s all quiet but an ill person is awake and feeling scared.  Fred used to Think to Lady Snailspace at that time of night to help her through it, and George used to Think to her too.  I tried a few times but I was younger then and not very good at it.  She got better that time, but earlier this year she got ill again.

I’m sad that she died but I’ll see her again at the Rainbow Bridge.


2 thoughts on “Sad news from Dimerie

  1. It is a very sad time Victor. :o( Lady Snailspace was very kind to me, as was Mummy, when I was a novice at this posting business.
    I hope she is free from pain, and enjoying life with all our dear piggies at the Rainbow Bridge.
    Sleep well Snaily, you will be missed. :o( xx


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