Wet behind the ears

We’ve been a bit itchy again the last couple of days but Mummy noticed of course.  Yesterday we all had wet ears.  There’s some stuff she puts on us on the bald spot behind our ears and it makes our coat and skin all wet.  I saw her dabbing a bit of it on her own wrist too.  The itching should go away now.

While we were out having our floor run she scrubbed all our cages and gave us fresh everything too.  It took up most of the morning.  When we went back none of our soft things were there so I couldn’t sit in the hammock.  But she’d put some more paper down over the megazorb and that was nice to sit on and play with.  Dougall and I had a ripping time!

Later we had some grass that Mummy brought in.  She was using her orange machine on it but she picked this for us before she cut it.  That was very thoughtful of her.  We’re getting a lot of bean leaves to eat at present.  I love them but it’s getting a bit much.  Victor tells me to eat up as they’ll soon be all gone and we won’t get any more till next summer, which is a long time away.  The corn is all finished now too, except when Mummy takes some of it out of the white cupboard.  Mummy told us she’d planted some leaves for us to eat during the winter.  I can’t remember winter.  It doesnt sound much fun though.

2 thoughts on “Wet behind the ears

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh I hate winter, Dyl. It’s cold and grey and dark. Pffft. But you boys will be snug and warm in the house. We humans have to go out in the cold, unfortunately.

    I hope the itchies go away soon. Mummy’s a pretty vigilant Mummy.

    Love you.


  2. Hmm! Winter is over here now, Yay spring is spring and the grass is riz. Your mom seems to take real good care of you guys. Hoping the itchy and scratchies are over soon. Blessings from Johannesburg in the spring.


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