I miss Hugo

I wondered whether you knew that.  I miss Hugo because I lived with him a long time since I was very young and then he died on this day last year.  He had new-monia.  He had been at the vet for a few days.  His breathing was all bad and Mummy had been up all night with him one night then took him into the vet the next day and I never saw him again till his body came back.  Then I said goodbye to him in my own way.  Mummy understood I needed to do that.  Now he’s off beyond Saturn enjoying himself and having a good time like he always did when we were young.

He was funny.  He always used to hang over the side of the cage to see what was going on.  The world was his, you know. Mummy was told off when she didn’t do things properly.  Especially if she didn’t bring his food quickly enough.  Mummy used to cut the cucumber up standing by the kitchen wall, and Hugo would stand on her foot to make sure he got his slice straight away.  When it was cucumber time and we were out on the floor he would stand in front of the white door the cucumber was kept behind, reminding Mummy it was time. He was very impatient that way, but patient in others.

cucumber time

He used to enjoy having a bath but he didn’t like getting his feet wet.  How can you enjoy a bath without getting your feet wet?  Well, he used to stand on my back.  Cheeky!  Mummy used to think I tried to jump out of the bath to escape the bath myself, but it was to get out of the way of Hugo’s feet!

H&V get wet

We had some great times together, and we travelled all the way to Scotland (with Fred and George as well) and to Devon where we met the cats, Bracken and Fern. I think I preferred Scotland.

Yeah, I miss Hugo.  He was a good friend even though he was a bit bossy at times.  Well, very bossy until I grew up and told him I wouldn’t be bossed any more. He was a bit upset about that but he soon got over it.  I think I’ll ask Mummy to put some photos of him up here.  I’m not good with photos.  A year is a long time.

2 thoughts on “I miss Hugo

  1. Thank you sweetheart for that lovely tribute. I miss Hugo too, especially when one of the others is up to the sort of mischief he got up to. He was such a gentleman with it though. I hope you like the pictures I chose to go with your message. You had Hugo’s mint today with your breakfast, I hope you noticed. Yes, a year is a long time and a lot has happened since he left us. I’m glad you remembered him like this. xx


  2. Auntie Dawn

    I miss him too, angel. My heart broke when he died. You see, as long as he was alive I felt that part of Mariusz was stlll here. When he passed, it was as if two deaths occurred: Hugo’s own, and Mariusz’s second. It’s a bit silly, but as you know, your Auntie is an extremely silly person. What ever will you do with me. Sigh.

    Every night, when I say goodnight to Mariusz, I say, “Take care of Freddie, and Georgie, and Hugo — that is, if you’re not the same pig as Hugo.” I’m still not convinced that they were two separate pigs.

    Wherever they are, Hugo and Mariusz are together, and happy.

    Rest well, Hugolicious. XOXOX


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