Frustrated piggies

It’s very frustrating.  Every day dawns lovely and sunny (well, mostly).  Mummy goes and gets our breakfast from the garden and tells us it should be dry enough to go out by lunchtime.  Then she comes down at lunchtime and goes out and comes back and says “about another hour, boys”.  And then it starts to rain. 😦

I know she’s just as fed up with it as we are because she can’t get the grass cut with her machine or by us.  It’s getting quite long.  Sometimes she picks some of it for us and we eat it in our cages.  It’s a bit damp but no more than washed lettuce is.  It’s been very noisy rain the last few days.  It drums on our roof.  And rumbles and cracks and spits at us.  Vic told us it was a thunderstorm.  I wheeked at Mummy one day and she told me I was quite safe, nothing to worry about.  I’m glad of that.

Actually she put us out the other day and had to rush around to bring us in because it started raining.  I got a bit wet because I thought it was a game.  Not as wet as mummy though.  She changed her coat afterwards and was dry.  I can’t change my coat like that, it’s very clever of her.

Mummy makes my cage top sit on top of the rest of the run now so I can’t climb over any more.  I still go visiting if I can find a way though.  I like visiting the others.

One thought on “Frustrated piggies

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Dyl, you’re gorgeous, and a very clever ninja. I’m sure you’ll find a way to get to the others.

    I’m very sorry about all the rain. If your Auntie could, you know she’d make the sun shine for you all.

    Stay positive, cutie. XO


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