George’s anniversary

One year ago today, George left us to go to the Rainbow Bridge.  Sometimes I think I’m the only one here that knew him but of course Hector and Humphrey met him too.  He hadn’t been well.  He had a lot of trouble with his teeth and he got a bad infection in his mouth.  He loved Mummy and us and we loved him too.

He was a very clever piggy because he was an engineer.  He made all sorts of things including the run that Dylan and Dougall have taken over.  Well, he designed it, Mummy put it together for him.  He and Fred loved it but George really loved the loft part.  I like the loft too.  I used it after George and Hugo went and I lived with Fred and we spent time in the run.  Fred didn’t go in the loft, but he didn’t mind me going there.

George in the loft

And of course George made this blog.  With Mummy’s help, I expect.  There are lots of photos of George here.  I like this one best I think.  I like to remember him like this.

George under the hammock

Mummy may be sad today.  I’ll give her an extra special cuddle.

5 thoughts on “George’s anniversary

  1. Auntie Nixi

    I can’t believe it’s been a whole year! I can assure you that George lives on, not only in your Mummy’s stories, but also in the memories of those that knew and loved him. Feel free to mourn, but try to rember all those lovely memories you have of George on this day. Give Mummy a special hug from me. XxX


  2. Auntie Dawn

    I feel so sorry for Mummy. The pain never gets any easier. We just learn to live with it, sad as that sounds. I don’t need to tell you to be extra sweet and cuddly, because you’re always SUPER sweet and cuddly, Vic. Just be prepared for some extra smoochin’ time on the sofa, and tell your nephew Dyl to keep the chaos down to a dull roar.

    As you know, your Crazy American Auntie talks to Mariusz every night. I always tell him to take care of Freddie, Georgie, and Hugolicious (M always liked to think he’s pig in charge). I think the four of them are happy doing their thing: Thinking (F), Designing (G), and Causing Chaos (H-M). You’ve done very well through the changes, Vic. We silly humans are the ones who get bogged down in grief. What’s a pig to do with us?!

    I’ll always love and miss George, aka Sir Cutiebottom, aka the Li’l Engineer. XXXOOO


  3. Thank you both. It’s been a tough week and I keep trying to remember “Don’t be sad that they have gone, be happy they were here” or whatever the quote is. It does help a little. Yesterday was worse though, as it was when I last saw him (a year ago), when he didnt want to be left with the vet, he wanted to get back to me. But we gave him every chance. He was a fighter all right. Dearest Georgie.

    Tomorrow of course is six months since Fred left us. But we’ll just remember them both today I think.


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