Lots of grass at the weekend

We had lots of grass at the weekend.  It was really bright outside, Vic said the yellow thing was called the Sun.  I don’t think Dougall and I have seen it more than once or twice before.  I was too busy looking at the grass last time to look in the sky.  We had lots of time on Sunday.  Just a little time on Saturday.  That was fun because we five were all together and I could chase the big boys.  They chased me too.  Humphrey didn’t enjoy chasing so much, he jumped on my head a few times.  He’s big.  I stop doing whatever I’m doing when he does that.

Sunday we were out for the whole afternoon.  Mummy sat at a table doing things and eating something.  Then she did things with the ground beside us.  Vic says she was putting vegetables in to the ground so they grow.  That sounds good.  She comes in from the garden with leaves for breakfast so I suppose that’s how they get there.  Sunday we only had Vic to play with, Hec and Humph were on their own.  They chatted to the new boys though.  I could hear them but not see them.  We could chat to Hec and Humph though.  Humph stayed away but Hec chatted.  Vic got fed up with me nagging him to play.  Mummy says I should let him have a nap whenever he feels like it.  If I did that he’d sleep all day.  Except when he’s eating grass.  We ate all the grass on Sunday.  Mummy was pleased with us.

It’s wet today.

3 thoughts on “Lots of grass at the weekend

  1. Auntie Dawn

    We had the sun this weekend, too! It felt good to be out in the warmth after days and days of dreary, cold weather. Your Uncle W and I went to a very pleasant place called the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. You boys would love it: acres and acres of grass and a big plot where many delicious veggies are grown — it’s even bigger than Mummy’s garden.

    Uncle Victor loves you, Dyl, but he needs his rest. If you let him nap sometimes, he’ll have more energy to play with you later.

    We’re back to rain but it’s supposed to clear up this weekend for the big event: your Uncle and I are Walking. We raised lots of money to help humans with a certain disease, and all fundraisers get to participate in a Walk. It’s hard to explain, but it’ll be lots of fun and good exercise.


  2. Whee had runs on Saturday with Mummy and on Sunday with the rest of the family because Mummy was out at the London Pet Show.

    Do you know what sort of things were planted in your garden? Our Mummy planted up her new herb box so we are looking forward to mint, parsley and other delicious delights!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


    1. Victor

      Mint and parsley are wonderful! But don’t overdo the parsley. We also have sage, lavender, thyme, oregano and strawberry leaves. Oh, and basil and coriander if they grow right. Sometimes they don’t. We have only got back to the grass today – I’ve missed it.


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