I’ve got new medicine

I’ve had a very funny day.  Mummy was squeezing my tummy a bit more than usual this morning and I had to tell her it was uncomfortable.  She gave me my medicine anyway and put me down for my morning run, but a little later she put me in the carry box with Doug and we went off to see Dr Faye.  I usually like Dr Faye, but she squeezed my tummy too and talked to mummy about it.  Then she put me back in my box with Dougall and took me to the back room.  I haven’t been in the back room before.  I was a bit nervous because, well, you know, Hugo and Fred and George told me about the back room and one day they didn’t come home.

Anyway, I had a bit of a rest till Dr Faye came to see me again.  Then she told me to lie still while she took some special pictures of me, which I did.  I’m used to lying still while mummy takes pictures of me.  It didnt flash so that was ok.  Then she tried to stick pins in my legs.  Well, I didnt like that but she was very kind and apologised and said I could just lie here and breathe deeply and rest.  Well, I must have fallen asleep!  When I woke up I was back in my box with Doug sitting next to me, all comforting.  He’s a kind boy.  They say his mites have all cleared up which is nice.

Then Dr Faye took us out to the front again and talked to mummy.  They said there was nothing wrong with the pictures except a touch of arthritis in the spine and the blood tests showed nothing wrong with the kidneys and somewhere else but I had been drinking too much as I had a liver problem.  Well, she didn’t say that, Mr Stuart and Mummy joked I had been drinking too much.  Dr Faye said it was general deterioration or something due to age, nothing more specific than that.  Mummy asked lots of questions and Dr Faye showed her how to use a new medicine.  It’s a huge bottle but I only have one drop a day. And I can eat as many garden herbs and thistles as I like. The new medicine is for dogs so the bottle will keep me going for a very long time.  It’s called milk thistle.  It sounds nice.

Oh and she understood about my poorly foot too.  I have a shoulder pain.  I think Mummy wasnt sure and kept looking at my foot.  Dr Faye says it’s what we do to relieve shoulder pain, tuck the foot under us.  Well, of course it is, that’s why I was doing it.  Mummy treated it right though, and I have to keep taking that medicine.  So I have two medicines now.

5 thoughts on “I’ve got new medicine

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Oh Vic, you scared me with that comment about your liver! I thought you were serious until I read the next bit. Cheeky boy. 😉

    I’m glad that there’s nothing wrong other than age-related complaints. We all age, I’m sorry to say. I’m not as spry as I used to be. Sigh. Less stamina, less flexibility, etc. Did Mummy tell you that I hold a second-degree black belt in karate. I doubt I could throw a decent kick these days, but I’m back to my stretching exercises and I’m seeing (slow) gains in flexibility.

    Saku’s about your age, and I worry about him all the time (some of that is just me being paranoid). But he seems fine. He still obliterates his veggies, and he plays when he wants to. Let me tell you, that boar can still MOVE when he needs to. He’s never been a whoosher like Mariusz or Willoughby — more of an epic napper, really — so it’s hard to tell if there’s been a decline.

    I’m glad that Doug is free of the nasties.

    Be well, Cutiemuffin. XXXOOO


  2. Victor

    Sorry Auntie Dawn. I didnt explain well cos I still felt a bit woozy. It is my liver that’s causing me to feel sore and sad. It’s age thing too, but its in my liver. I had the new medicine tonight. It’s horrid. Mummy put it on some cucumber but I spat it out.


    1. Auntie Dawn

      Oh, Vic. I’m so sorry for misreading your post. Please forgive me for my tactless remarks.

      Do take your meds, Vic. I know they’re icky, but they’re important for your health. Do it for your Crazy American Auntie, who loves you to bits (and for Mummy, of course).


  3. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly Victor. Nibbles is six now and he is slowing down a bit which worries Mummy. But our vet is quite nice too so he tolerates vet trips.

    You should take your medicines even if they are yucky because the more you take, the quicker you can finish it up and stop taking it. Our Mummy mixes medicines with juice to make them taste nicer. It doesn’t work very much as we still try to spit it out but we do appreciate the thought.

    Whee hope you feel better soon.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


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