What I thought about the A to Z Challenge

The Challenge people told us to do a blog post about reflections.  I asked mummy what that meant. She said to  say what I think about the Challenge now that I can look back on it.  Well, that sounds more like something Fred and George would do.  I just move on, you know?  She said well, list what you liked and didnt like about it.  So here goes.

It was nice to list all those food things.  They made my mouth water.  And dream of summer.

It was nice to see the pictures of Fred and George and Hugo again.  I miss them.

It was fun thinking of something to go with each letter.  I’m glad mummy helped.

I liked finding out the latin names for some things.  It made it seem very grand.

I liked having new people come and visit the blog.

I liked meeting Rob-bear and Mr Geoff and lots of other people.

I was sad there weren’t many other animals on the blog.

I was sad the gerbils didnt find me. They looked like fun chaps.

I liked the horses in the Mane Event.

I didnt like the trouble I had leaving comments on the blogs I went to.

I didnt like that Rob-bear got a new job and had to stop.  Mummy says I shouldn’t say that as these things happen.  Well, I was sad that he had to stop.

I didnt like talking about zucchini or italian cress.  But I couldnt think of anything better for z and i.  I still don’t like zucchini or courgette.

I liked chatting to all the people who came to visit.

I didnt like Dylan interrupting me in the middle of the blog challenge.  He wants to be here a lot now. Kids!

I didnt like that it keeps raining and I didnt get out for days on the grass.

Is that enough reflections?


Victor xx

3 thoughts on “What I thought about the A to Z Challenge

  1. Auntie Dawn

    “I just move on, you know?” — Indeed I do know, Vic, and I just love you for it. I love you for being true to your nature, as F&G were true to theirs. Go, Vic!

    That’s a pretty comprehensive list. Well done.

    I miss FG&H, too. 😦


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