That was really exciting!

Hector came up here to the run and I chased him around!  He chased me around too but I chased him more.  I jumped on him a few times to tell him this was my space.  Well, mine and Dougall’s.  I don’t know why Mummy brought him up here. He usually stays downstairs.

I know he’s been really arguing with Humphrey.  Maybe Mummy thought he’d get on better with us.  Well, he was quite polite, just didn’t want me to be in charge.  But I’m in charge here, ok?  We didn’t have any big arguments though, and he talked my language, you know?  He’s two years old, quite grown up.  But I’m nearly six months now and I’m quite grown up too.  Much more grown up than Dougall.

I wonder where Hector is now?  With the oldies I expect.  Maybe he’s fed up of living with the oldies.

One thought on “That was really exciting!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Sigh. Now Dyl, you know that I love boars, but sometimes I don’t understand you. Why must there be one boar “in charge”? Can’t you all be equal. Maybe I don’t get it because I’m a human, or a female — or both.

    Glad you had fun, Dyliusz. XXXOOO


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