Z is for Zucchini

I don’t like zucchini.  None of us do.  Mummy keeps trying us on it as lots of other pigs do eat it.  Zucchini is Italian for baby marrow.  In France it is called Courgette.  In England we usually call it baby marrow or courgette, in America they call it Zucchini.  I’m glad they do that or I would have problem finding a food for Z.

Mummy grows zucchini in the garden some years.  She did really well with them the summer before last but they weren’t so good last year.  They grew in the bed with the sweet corn because they don’t mind the shade the sweet corn gives them.  The leaves are so big they shade the path too, and we didn’t mind because we could run under them and keep cool on hot days.  Fred tried eating the leaves and he said they were ok.  Not great though, so not to waste time on them when we could be eating grass.  Mummy likes eating zucchini, that’s why she grows them.  She says they taste great in tomato sauce with pasta. I don’t like pasta, or tomatoes really although Hugo loved them.  Not pasta, tomatoes. We don’t eat pasta.

Courgettes and sweet corn

These are what courgettes, sorry, zucchini, look like when they are growing.  The fruits look a bit like cucumber but they don’t taste the same.  I prefer cucumber myself.

And that is the end of the A to Z Challenge! I’m sorry it’s finished though it’s been hard work.  I hope you enjoyed it.  Maybe you learnt a bit about guinea pig food.  I hope so.  Come back and see what else we get up to.  There’s a whole summer of grass to eat and Mummy’s stories about us to read.

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6 thoughts on “Z is for Zucchini

  1. Well done for finishing the challenge! Whee don’t like zucchini either so our Mummy said she won’t grow it again this year. We have convinced her to grow more parsley instead! Yay! Nommy Parsley!!!

    Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo & Buddy


  2. Auntie Dawn

    I love zucchini! (And pasta and tomato.) I never knew that it was called “courgette” in Britain until I met Mummy.

    Bravo, Vic!! Take a bow. Fantastic job on the A-Z. I’m very proud of you. You’ve really come into your own as a blogger.

    I can’t believe that it’s over, though. It seems like it just started. I’m going to miss your daily posts. 😥


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