Z is for Zucchini

I don’t like zucchini.  None of us do.  Mummy keeps trying us on it as lots of other pigs do eat it.  Zucchini is Italian for baby marrow.  In France it is called Courgette.  In England we usually call it baby marrow or courgette, in America they call it Zucchini.  I’m glad they do that or I would have problem finding a food for Z. Continue reading “Z is for Zucchini”

S is for Salsify

I bet you havent heard of Salsify.  Mummy says not many people have.  Salsify and Scorzonera are two vegetables that are almost the same except the second one has black-skinned roots. In Germany it is called Schwarzwurzel which means blackroot.  I haven’t tried the root but the leaves are delicious.  They are even nicer than celery leaves, cucumber and parsley.  Mummy grows the roots for herself but she says there are always bits of the root left in the ground when she digs them up in the middle of winter.  They grow again in the spring and give us lovely fresh leaves.  We’ve been eating them since early March.  They don’t mind frost either. Continue reading “S is for Salsify”