Y is for Yarrow

Yarrow is a wild plant with lovely feathery leaves and white flowers. It grows in our outside grass.  Mummy picks it for us as a treat.  It is certainly a treat as it tastes and smells yummy. It is called achillea millefolium in that Latin language used to name wildflowers.

Mummy said I can look in her book to find out more about it.  The book says:

Yarrow grows in grass- and wasteland and the narrow, ferny leaves may be found creeping through lawns.  The plant looks Umbellifer-like, except that the stalks do not all join at one point.  If crushed the plant smells aromatic.

Well, I said that, didn’t I.  Grows in our outside lawn, ferny/feathery leaves, smells yummy.  Mmm, I’d really like to eat some yarrow now.


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