K is for Kale

Mmm, kale.  Mummy grows kale all through the year.  She mainly grows the nice black, well dark green, dragon kale .  It’s called Cavalo Nero in Italian.  It’s very tasty.  We get baby leaves from time to time in the summer, then we get the long leaves in the winter once or twice a week.  It’s about the only thing we get fresh from the garden when it’s really cold out there.  It grows above the snowline.  Because it’s tall.

We also get red kale with pretty frilly leaves.  And there’s sometimes some other types of kale we used to get in plastic bags, all ready chopped up for us, but that was before Mummy found out how easy it is to grow.  You just have to protect it from Butterflies in summer and Pigeons in winter, Mummy says.  It has a net over it to keep both off.

Winter broccoli and kale

Another thing the butterflies like is Kohl Rabi and that begins with K too.  It is the same family as kale.  The leaves taste different but smell similar.  Occasionally Mummy gives us a slice of the funny round stalk as well.  She eats most of that though.  Sometimes the stalk is pale green and sometimes it is purple.  They both taste nice though.  Funny how both kale and kohl rabi come in green or purple forms.  Maybe it’s something to do with winter.

6 thoughts on “K is for Kale

    1. Victor

      Thank you Mistress Ruby. We like ours raw but mummy puts some in a pan of water and takes it out again nearly straight away; then she whizzes it in the noisy machine with some oil, salt and smelly garlic, then puts it with pasta. And pine nuts. And some sort of cheese I can’t spell. Then she puts it on a plate, walks out of the room and comes back with an empty plate. Mummy does funny things with her food. We just eat it.


  1. Auntie Dawn

    Saku likes kale, but then again, Saku never met a leaf he didn’t like.

    Mariusz didn’t care for it, and neither does Willoughby, so we don’t buy it these days. Also, since S&W get dandelion greens almost every day, the inclusion of kale in their diet might amount to an overdose of calcium.

    It’s funny how most of our produce purchases are determined by the boys. Sigh.


  2. Wow, what a cute idea for a blog. I am never sure what I will find when I visit a blog (based on the name), lol, but this really is a guinea pig blog! I love the mustards…wee let our collards go all winter long just for the pretty yellow blooms come spring. Nice to “meet” you. Here from the A to Z 🙂


    1. Victor

      Nice to meet you too Mistress Teresa 🙂 Mummy is planting Kale and Collards this year. She says its just different varieties.


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