L is for Lavender

Lavender is amazing.  It is sort of woody but sort of chewy and crunchy and has the most amazingly lovely flavour.  Fred and George were particularly fond of it but we all like it.  The bushes don’t grow for very long but they do need trimming back so we get a lot of chances to eat lavender.  Never more than a short bit at a time unless Mummy gives us flower stalks to eat.  They are fun.  We start at the cut end and work our way down to the flower which is sweet and juicy and crunchy.

Mummy found a lavender bush in the garden when she arrived here.  But it was in the wrong place as it is under a tree.  It doesn’t get enough sun.  Then she had two other bushes in pots, and they got too dry.  One of them is planted next to the strawberries.  It’s doing ok.  Then one year Mummy found something growing in among the veggies that she hadn’t planted.  She cared for it and it grew into a lavender bush.  It was in the wrong place as it interferes with the veggies, and she moved it to the top of George’s grave when he died.  She thought George would enjoy looking after a lavender bush. I quite agree.

At the moment she thinks it isn’t doing too well.  Maybe it didnt have enough water last summer.  But she has four or five mini-bushes she calls ‘cuttings’ that are growing in a row next to the winter lettuces.  I don’t know where she’s going to put them but it means we have plenty more lavender bushes in preparation.

One thought on “L is for Lavender

  1. Auntie Dawn

    My boys have never had lavender. I’m not going to let them read this post, or they’ll start feeling sorry for themselves.

    I remember standing over dear George’s resting place, and well as cheeky Hugo’s under the mint. They were very meaningful moments.


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