K for Kale #AtoZChallenge


Hi, Kevin here.  We’re into the second week of the A to Z Challenge, and in case you’re just visiting, I’m a six year old ginger and white guinea pig.  This blog was started by Fred and George, Mummy’s very first guinea pigs.  She writes books about them too.

Our A to Z Challenge theme is “Our Favourite Things”

kK is for Kale

We love kale.  It’s one of the plants in the cabbage family, but it’s much nicer than cabbage.  We like it better than broccoli and cauliflower, too. And pak choi is okay, but I wouldn’t say we like it.  Mummy grows a variety called Cavolo Nero or something like that, in the garden.  It grows all through winter so we can have some fresh leaves even then.  We don’t get many things from the garden in winter.  Kale, celeriac leaves, maybe chard or strawberry leaves, if we’re lucky. Kale’s delicious.


Winter broccoli and kale
Winter broccoli and kale

It has to be sown in the spring, so we watch it grow when we’re out in our runs during the summer.  The stalks get too hard to eat, so we ignore them.  Grass is much nicer – in summer.

Kevin and Victor
Kevin and Victor

Tomorrow it’s letter L.

PS.  Mummy has a recipe for linguine with kale pesto (I don’t know what that is).  She says she’ll put it in the comments if anybody wants it.


Mummy has two gardens

I always thought this was Mummy’s garden, but she’s got another one.  She disappears to go there on Saturday mornings and sometimes other times too.  This week she took all the nice little kale plants that were growing in pots with her.  There was something else in pots too, broccoli, I think she said.  We’ve got kale growing in our garden, I was in a run next to it on Friday and Saturday.  I wonder why she’s got more in another garden. Continue reading “Mummy has two gardens”

K is for Kale

Mmm, kale.  Mummy grows kale all through the year.  She mainly grows the nice black, well dark green, dragon kale .  It’s called Cavalo Nero in Italian.  It’s very tasty.  We get baby leaves from time to time in the summer, then we get the long leaves in the winter once or twice a week.  It’s about the only thing we get fresh from the garden when it’s really cold out there.  It grows above the snowline.  Because it’s tall. Continue reading “K is for Kale”