J is for Jemima’s books

The only J foodstuff I could find was Jerusalem Artichoke and I’ve never had that.  Mummy doesn’t grow it and when she has the tubers she keeps them all to herself.  I don’t even know whether we can eat them, or whether I’d like them.  So I thought of something else to talk about.  Jemima’s books.  Because they are Food For Thought!!

Mummy (she’s Jemima Pett) started writing the books in 2009 when I was very young.  They are called The Princelings of the East.  Well, they are a trilogy and the first in the series is The Princelings of the East, then there’s Princelings and the Pirates and then Princelings and the Lost City.  The first two have been published and Mummy says she’s working on the Lost City.  They are about Fred and George who are the Princelings, and their adventures in a world where there aren’t any humans and we live in castles and tunnels and inns and travel about in carriages and things.  I ride a velocipede in one of them.  I’m in all the books she’s written so far.  The fifth one is called Victor’s story.  She hasn’t finished it yet.  I asked her why and she says it’s because it’s very clever and very complicated.  That sounds good to me.  The fourth one is Hugo’s story, well Hugo and Mariusz, and it is a prequel to Princelings.  That means the action takes place before the Princelings stories start.  I’m in that but I’m much younger.  And even cuter than in the trilogy!  Hugo’s story is now titled The Traveler in Black and White.   It’s a bit scary at times.  He tells it himself which is cool.  I tell mine as well!  Even cooler!  He tells his in an American accent though, with American spelling.  Because Mariusz is American.  Hugo and Mariusz were doubles.  I’m sure you know that if you’ve read this blog before but maybe lots of new people are reading it because of the Challenge thing.

I think you should know they are electronic books, not paper ones.  You can get them at Smashwords.  There’s a special offer for the first book if you look at the panel at the side.  You can get them at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or the iBookstore and lots of other places as well.

I don’t know where you can get Jerusalem Artichokes.  I wonder if Uncle Shaun’s Farm Shop sells them?

3 thoughts on “J is for Jemima’s books

  1. Auntie Dawn

    You’re always cute, Vic. No, more than cute: drop-dead adorable.

    Mummy’s got a real talent for translating an individual’s real-life personality and style into the fictional character. The fictional Fred, George, Hugo-Mariusz, Saku, et al are very close to what they are or were in life. But I think Mummy did her best with you; she really captured your earnestness, energy, practicality, and unconventional smarts.

    I just love the real you and the fictional you! XOXOXO


  2. Christie Wright Wild

    What a cute blogging theme you have. I’ll take some Jerusalem Artichokes, too please. Nibble-nibble…


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