It’s March already

We’re very happy it’s March.  This is the month when we usually start going out for grass time. Not that Dylan and Dougall realise that, but Hector asked me this morning whether being March meant grass.  I think it will.

Hec and Humph and I are having really nice chillouts in the morning these days.  I go down on the floor after my cuddle. They join me a little later, after the Ds have had their cuddle and been taken upstairs.  Humph smelled of grape this morning.  That’s unusual because he doesnt usually eat grape.  I get grape for being so good in the morning when I’m cleaned out.  I think everyone is offered grape now, so I’ve started a trend.  I like being a trend-setter!

We had a very short grass time last week.  Mummy said it was too cold or damp the rest of the week, although it hasn’t rained.  Mummy says we are going to be short of rain again this year so make the most of the grass while we have it.  I think she will grow the grass long in Hugo’s place so we might go there if it gets really bad.  I remember Fred and George and Hugo and I going there a long time ago when it was very hot for a lot of days in a row.  It was nice and cool there with long juicy grass.  Fred hid in it.

I see Mummy has made the Ds Pigs of the Month this month.  I think Hector was hoping to be.  Mummy said he will be April’s Pig of the Month because it’s his birthday at the end of the month.  May is George’s month, June is Fred & George’s month together, and July is Hugo’s month.  That’s a long way away.  I’m going to enjoy April because it’s the Blog Challenge.