Dylan is over-excited tonight.  I think it’s been altogether too exciting for him today.  This morning we went to see Dr Louise.  I mean – we ALL went to see her!  I know Mummy wanted advice about my bottom, and she wanted to check Hector’s lump, so as she was taking two carriers, she put us all in them and we went off in the car. 

It’s the first time I’ve been in the box with the boys.  They were quite subdued for the journey, not knowing where they were going.  I had a feeling we were going to see Dr Louise.  I haven’t been to see her for quite a long time.  The summer, I think.  She squeezed my bottom that time, and I didn’t want her to do it again as Mummy had already done it today.  Frankly I’m fed up with it, although it does get sore these days.  Mummy was worried I’d had blood on my poos yesterday. But I hadn’t had any blood on them, because Mummy took them with her and Dr Louise said it might be something I’d eaten, not blood.  Well, that’s good.

Anyway we all got checked out and weighed, and then we came home again.  The Ds and I came upstairs.  I expect the Hs went back in their cage.

Dylan was quite uppity for the rest of the day.  He has been following me about a lot recently, trying to jump on me.  I put it down tothe fact that Hector jumps on me and he could probably smell Hector’s scent.  I jump on Hector as well.  Then we have a Hector, Humphrey, me, jumping on each other session.  It’s all very civilised but a boy of Dylan’s age doesnt understand.

Now, I don’t mind Dylan playng at being a grown up, but he kept jumping on me and trying to mount me properly and I got a bit cross with him.  I mean, you would, wouldn’t you?  It’s not polite and I told him so.  We ended up arguing so much that Mummy stepped in and put a funny smelling thing on his nose to see if it would calm him down if he couldn’t smell me.  It lasted about five minutes.  So now he’s downstairs and Dougall and I are upstairs, calmly eating our food and having snoozes.  I think Dougall is a bit confused by it all though.

One thought on “Over-excited

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I figured you were OK but glad Mummy took to you see Dr. Louise. We piggie parents get a little worked up over nothing sometimes, but I feel that it’s better to pay the vet’s fee and walk out feeling a little silly than to ignore a potential danger sign — especially after Mariusz’s passing.

    I just realized — if I took 5 pigs for a checkup each, I’d pay $500 dollars! :Faint: I expect it’s much more reasonable where you guys live.

    That Dyl. Sigh. He’s definitely channeling his Uncle(s?) Hugo-Mariusz. I feel bad for you Vic, as you’ve gotten it from both ends, so to speak: first Hugo, now Dyl. But I know that you’re a tough customer underneath that gentle demeanor, and will be able to discipline him when necessary.

    Love ya, Vic.


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