Fresh grass!

Hello everyone!  I’m sorry I havent been here for a few days.  We had such a nice time for my birthday that I slept late the next day.  Auntie Vikki came and we had a cuddle, then cake.  Then Mummy gave me a present – a new grassy tunnel.   Next day Mummy went and visited people so I didn’t come up to the computer room, then yesterday it was so nice we went out for some grass in the afternoon.  Here is my week in pictures.

I think Dylan is growing up a wee bit fast.  He’s been very cheeky this week.  I had to tick him off for trying to mount me!

One thought on “Fresh grass!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Mummy’s been a busy bee, hasn’t she? All her to-ing and fro-ing and book promoting. And she still found time to throw you a super birthday party!

    Thanks for the fab pictures. D&D are growing like crazy. In the “lapful of trouble” pic, I can barely tell where one D ends and the other begins. And you’re as photogenic as ever. I swooned at the “edible camera” pic. ❤

    Dyl's channeling his Uncles Hugo and Mariusz, I think. Cheeky smurf.

    Happy birthday, Sweetiepie. Here's to your continued happiness and good health … and to grassy tunnels.

    Love you, V.


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