It’s funny having nephews

Dylan and Dougall have been with me for seven weeks now.That makes them 10 weeks old.  They weigh 600 gms. They only weighed 220 when they arrived. They are nice chaps but a bit irritating at times.

Mummy  has a nice routine for us.  After my morning cuddle I have a nice break on the floor while she cuddles the others.  I get a little peace and quiet while she does the Ds. Then Humphrey comes down and I greet him, discuss the nature of the hay and argue about who sits where, then we wander off to different parts. Then Hector turns up.  He likes a more boisterous greeting, so we get that out of the way, then argue about who gets to sit where.  Mummy brings breakfast while we’re doing that so we stop for cucumber and other important subjects.

Meanwhile Dylan and Dougall will be upstairs in the run and get their breakfast too.  Sometimes I have breakfast downstairs, sometimes upstairs.  Sometimes both.  But after I’ve had a good bit of grown up talk with the Hs Mummy brings me upstairs to the Ds.

They are sweet boys.  A bit cheeky (especially Dylan) and full of energy.  They have learnt the routine well though.  Breakfast, investigative work, snack, rest.  They aren’t yet so grown up that they eat on their own.  Well not for long anyway.  I’ll be happily munching on the hay pile, and they’ll come and join me.  Even if I’ve come to the hay pile on the upper level. They won’t eat the one downstairs if I’m eating the one upstairs.  It’s like having constant companions.  I get on with my eating and they come and see what I’m eating and join in.  Sometimes I push them away if there’s not much room.  I don’t like being crowded when I’m eating.

They usually sleep beside me or behind me when I’m napping. Dylan is usually at the side.  He has this sightly irritating habit of grooming my face when I’m thinking.  Very kind of him, but not always welcome. I tell him when I’ve had enough.  Yesterday I had to tell him three times and I got a bit cross with him. I can sleep through when they are doing their games. Up and down the ramps. Whizzing past my face.  Round and round. They don’t bother me though. If I’m out and about though  they try to get me to join in.  Thanks boys.  Just carry on, ok?


One thought on “It’s funny having nephews

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’m very proud of you, Vic. I know I keep saying that, but I can’t help it! I couldn’t imagine a more patient Uncle than you. I know that the wee ones can be annoying at times, but you’re doing a tremendous job. Keep up the good work (and get some rest when you can, sweetie).


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