Victor’s doing the A to Z April Challenge!

After a lot of discussion today, Victor decided he would join Jemima in doing the A to Z April Challenge 2012.  There’s a nice badge linking to it on the right of the page.  The idea is to post a blog each day (except Sundays) on a subject starting with the letter of the alphabet for the day.

Victor has decided to do a theme of food for his challenge.  I think that’s wise to choose a subject as it is probably easier for him to think of something.  He’s been thinking about it most of the day and he told me he was a bit stuck on I, J, U and V.  I told him he could do V for Vetch, which he’d forgotten about.   I’ll have to do some thinking too for the others.

The Challenge is a blog hop and last year’s involved 1300 blogs!  So we’ll probably find some nice new people we want to link to through it.  It starts on April 1st and then runs every day in April apart from subsequent Sundays.

4 thoughts on “Victor’s doing the A to Z April Challenge!

  1. I’m so glad to see another animal getting involved on this process. Right now, I’m trying to hibernate, but I’m sure I’ll be awake by April. Unless I sleep in.


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