Mummy’s being tricksey again

Mummy’s up to something.  I’m sure of it.  I had a bath yesterday, which was very nice.  She said I’d be nice and clean if anyone comes to stay.  Well I know Uncle James is coming to stay but that’s still a week away.  And anyway Hec & Hum had their bath last week and she didn’t say that to them.

And she’s cleaned out my cage and done extra scrubbing and washing and vinegaring and everything.  And she cleaned out the carry box too.  I haven’t been in that one yet, she only labelled it up for Fred and me about three months ago.  And the cagewear is drying on the radiators and the grassy hutch is drying on the boiler!   She didn’t do that when Hec & Hum had their bath.  She hasn’t cleaned their cage and box like that.

She’s up to something I tell you.

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