3 thoughts on “Look what Mummy brought home!

  1. Auntie Dawn

    OMG, Vic! I can’t believe it. I’m so happy for you!!

    You and they look perfect together. It was meant to be.

    I told Will and Saku. Will is over the moon about being an Uncle. Saku, of course, knew it already. He foresaw it all in that mighty Brain of his.

    I want loads of details.



    1. Victor

      Some details for you, Auntie Dawn.
      They are small
      They are mainly brown with some white. The slightly older one only has a little bit of white. The other has a white bottom.
      They were born on 27th November. They are 3 weeks old.
      They eat my hay, my pellets, my carrot, my cucumber (one sneaked into my grassy hutch with me and tried to eat my slice. Mummy put another one out for me). They also tried fennel when they saw me eating it and like that too. And they like celery.
      They have a bowl with some funny stuff called bread in it and it’s soaked in something funny called goat’s milk. I’m not sure whether to try that or not.
      They go boop-boop all the time except when they sleep.
      They are quite cute.
      Mummy gave me a break from them and took me out for a cuddle watching a nice show interrupted by loud noises.
      The front of the cage is down. I don’t like that. Mummy says it’s until they learn they can’t jump out.
      Did I tell you how small they are? Very small.
      Vic xx


  2. Auntie Dawn

    Vic, you’re a gem. I asked for details, and details are what you gave me — loads of them!!

    I know it’s hard to get used to the idea of sharing again, after all you’ve been through. But I have no doubt that you will be a superb Uncle. It’s your turn to be a Mentor now, Vic! You are up to the challenge, I’m certain of it.

    These two are very lucky to have landed with you. They’ll turn out to be fine young boars under your influence. They’ve found themselves a pretty good Mummy as well, wouldn’t you say?

    I love the baby “boop boop” noise. Wish I could be there to hear it.

    Enjoy your time with Dylan and Dougall, and take some time for yourself too, Cutie. You’ve earned it.



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