Victor is here

After a lot of thought I’ve decided to say yes.  To looking after George’s Guinea Pig World, that is.  I won’t be as good as the others.  But I’ll try.

Fred left some unfinished blogs.  His Think Pieces.  Mummy said I can look at them.  If I know how to finish them I can.  If not she will.  I think Mummy will be doing them.

Bye for now.

One thought on “Victor is here

  1. Auntie Dawn

    I’m so proud of you, V! I was going to ask whether you would be taking over the blog, but didn’t want to upset anyone. I figured, you’ll do it when you’re ready. And here you are!

    Don’t worry about not being “as good” as the others. You’re a very intelligent and charming young man, with a unique style. You’ll be great. Just write whatever you like and your Auntie will be here to read it.



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