They’ve gone :(

We’ve had a lovely time with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne.  They arrived last week and left today.  They’ve been out with Mummy most days but they always remembered to say hello to us in the morning and we sometimes had morning cuddles as well as evening ones.  Mummy took them to see where some of our stories are set as well. Here are some pictures of their stay.

One thought on “They’ve gone :(

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, we had so much fun, F. Mummy took us to many places in Norfolk, including Sandringham, two nature reserves, a folk concert, Norfolk Cathedral, and many shops. I enjoyed all of it, but I think my favorite part was cuddling you four (maybe you shouldn’t tell Mummy, as I don’t want her to feel bad). We also met Auntie Meggie and Uncle Mr M (or should that be Mr Uncle M?).

    I’m already thinking about when we can return for another Yank Invasion! Maybe the spring — we should have the bills for this trip paid off by that time. Lol.

    After we left Norfolk, Uncle W and I came to London, where we met Auntie Doris, Uncle Bob, and Auntie Ginny. We went to the British Museum and saw many interesting things including the Rosetta Stone. You should look that up, F; I’m sure you’ll find it fascinating.

    We’re leaving for home tomorrow. After I get home I’ll post my pics.

    Love you, li’l Shortbread Cookiepig.


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