We’re very excited!

We’re all excited because Mummy went out yesterday afternoon leaving us with loads of food and hay and she hasn’t come back yet.  Now we don’t  usually like that but this time we know she’s gone to collect Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne from the airport!  They arrived this morning, hopefully.  And Mummy went to stay with Uncle James so she could be nice and rested and meet them properly.

I’m really looking forward to spending time with Auntie Dawn.  I expect I’ll go all shy when I finally meet her.  She’s been promising smooches and things.  I hope I like them.  Victor has been getting lots of rest and practising his ‘adorable’ face when he thinks nobody’s looking.  Hec keeps looking at us and asking if she’s here yet.  We’ve been saying, no, not till next week or whatever, but now we’re saying, no, not till later!  I don’t know what Humphrey’s doing.  He got a bit embarrassed that he had to have some poo cut out of his long coat yesterday morning, but I told him that it’s all right, Saku is a Sheltie and Auntie Dawn is looking forward to smoothing him.

Only a few more hours now!

2 thoughts on “We’re very excited!

  1. Auntie Nixi

    Oh wow! How exciting! I’m sure you’ll have a lovley time with Auntie Dawn and Uncle Wayne. Even if you do feel shy at first I’m sure they’ll understand and give you some time to come round. 🙂


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