The radio has turned itself on

The radio usually turns itself on in the morning but it didn’t this morning and I wondered why not.  Mummy has gone to London for a workshop for writers.  She’s trying to learn more about how to get our stories published.  Although I know she’s working on trying to make them light the fire.  I’m not sure why, but she says she’s making them ready for kindle and when I don’t know words I look them up here and it says kindle is about lighting fires, so I don’t know what Mummy’s up to, but then there’s nothing new there.

Anyway the radio has come on now.  Even though it’s dark as in evening dark, not morning dark (when it was coming on till mummy changed the clocks).  It’s all very confusing.  I’ll just eat this carrot she hid under the hay. Mmm there are some herbs here too.  And the hay carrot Auntie Dawn gave us. Yummy.

3 thoughts on “The radio has turned itself on

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Aww, F. ❤ A "Kindle" is an electronic device for reading books. The text isn't printed on paper but is "out there" on the web, and people can download it. It is a very confusing concept, I know.

    I'm sure Mummy didn't want to leave you, but it's important for her to learn more about publishing the stories. I hope she found the workshop valuable.


  2. Fred

    The firework display started before Mummy got home, Auntie Dawn. I expect that’s why she made the radio turn itself on to keep us company. We weren’t scared this time though as we’ve heard fireworks before and when they are at the pub they don’t bother us really. Mummy got in just before they finished. In fact she came in with a louder bang than they made as I think she dropped something on the hallway floor.

    Electronic book, eh. I must look at that.


  3. Auntie Dawn

    I’m glad that you weren’t bothered by the fireworks. I think fireworks are stupid. Here in the US they’re lit on the Fourth of July. I just don’t get the connection between patriotism and explosives, but maybe I’m just an old grump. Lol.

    We’re far enough away from the fireworks that the boys aren’t really bothered by them. But even if the fireworks were next door, I think Saku would just sleep right through them, bless him. He’s one laid-back boar.


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